Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not a techno geek.....

I guess I should start by saying, "I'm not a blogger".  I can pretty much turn on a computer, and run all the general programs that I need on a day to day basis.  That really means that I can work Microsoft word, and that is about it.  You should have seen me when I was trying to figure out the SPSS program for statistics.  Now that was something to see.  I was so unsure of myself.  I did muddle my way through, as I do in most cases where computers are concerned.

I wouldn't say that I am computer illiterate.  I can identify all the computer components.  I can define RAM in the most general terms.  I can even change settings on the desk top and retrieve data.  I don't do well with Excel.  I do great with power point.  In fact, power point is my favorite program second to word processing.  For the most part, I stick to what I know and try not to worry about the rest.

Now, get me into the classroom, and I'm a little bit better.  I can pretty much find my way around an active board with very little trouble.  In fact, it is the only thing that I do use when I'm communicating ideas to my students.  I use all the bells and whistles that come along with the active board.  I love that I no longer have to go out and buy a dry erase graphic organizer.  I can simply use one on the active board that I can save or erase with a press of a pin or click of the mouse. 

I also love to get my students engaged.  They know about as much or more than I do about the active board.  I encourage this because it allows them to be independent learners.  I like being able to give them an assignment, telling them to go to it, and not having to hold their hand all of the time.  That is why I also train them how to operate a desktop computer from day one.  By mid year, my students can log on to the computer, search for information, and locate a specific web address.  They can also type up a short paper, and design their own power point. 

Some feel that technology in the classroom is a detriment to the instruction of children.  Personally, I feel it is up to the teacher to make sure that the students are able to articulate what they are learning when they use technology.  technology is a critical tool for a classroom in all grade levels.  It helps teachers to streamline and expedite the instructional process.  Technology also engages students at a more abstract level.  Students learn to think critically, and to become problem solvers. 

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